The Ultimate Body Applicator

The It Works body wrap is a detoxifying wrap that works to target the areas YOU choose in a 45-minute application. The body wrap is approximately 21″ long and 11″ wide at it’s widest point.



It comes pre-packaged and ready for use right out of the bag.  There is no need for a messy application process.  Simply pick the area you want to get results in and place the applicator smoothly on your body and use saran wrap or an ace bandage to keep it in place for 45 minutes.  You can use the applicator anywhere on your body except for your face.  You can cut it in half and use one for you chin, flanks, both arms or inner or outer thighs. Once you have the applicator in place lay still while you are wrapping. Don’t start moving around and DO NOT work out while you are wrapping. you don’t want to sweat while you are using this product.  Read my best practices to learn how you can get the best results from our applicator.

The ingredients in the applicator help with skin rejuvenation, reducing swelling and lipolysis.  There is an excellent call with our Dr. Don where he gets in to some more detail on what the ingredients in the It Works applicator do.

The applicators are folded in such a way that all of the product is inside the fold so it is not messy to open up and place on your problem spot.  Each applicator for a one time use and you can only use it once every 72 hours.


Still Have Questions?  Click here to send me a message or read the Ultimate Body Applicator FAQ!