Party With Us!

It Works! Wrap Parties are unlike any home spa or product party you’ve ever experienced. It’s a time for you and your guests to have fun, laugh, and most of all, get results right at the party!

When you host a Wrap Party, you and your guests get to try the amazing Ultimate Body Applicator, a one-of-a-kind body contouring treatment that can tighten, tone, and firm any place on the body in as little as 45 minutes. All you need is water for everyone and a private space, such as a bathroom or side room, where guests can apply the Applicator to wear underneath their clothing. No disrobing required—it’s a cinch to place the Applicator on your skin wherever you want to see results!

Watch a Wrap Party in Action Below

It Works! Wrap Parties also feature our deep hydration Facial Applicators for a younger looking you! Forget expensive get-togethers where someone pokes a needle in your face (ouch!). These botanically-infused cloth masks give a visible lift and soften signs of aging in just 45 minutes.

“How can I get get a Free wrap?”


Yep, you read that right! You’ll get wrapped for FREE just for hosting a Home Wrap Party and having at least 4 of your friends over who pay to get wrapped!!

Wrap Parties are 90 minutes of relaxation and pampering for you and your friends where you can experience the It Works! difference. Make it a mother-daughter date, a girls’ night in, or even a couples’ party. Men and women alike love the results, so book your party today that will have you and your friends saying, “Wow, what a difference!”

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To book a Wrap Party, or attend one in your area, just contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.