Wrap Instructions

Besides showering prior to use or washing the area with warm water, exfoliating prior to applying the applicators is helpful. Anything that may be on your skin that could interfere with absorption such as moisturizing soaps/body washes and lotions could be a problem. These products leave a film and may stop someone from seeing results. One solution is to use It Works Cleansing Gel or another natural soap prior to using the applicator. Using theToner prior to application also opens your pores for maximum absorption.


– Be sure to wrap the same area for several applications before moving onto another area of the body! Also be sure to drink half of your body weight in ounces per day to help eliminate the toxins from your body.

– Some people don’t have as many pores or have thicker skin so it may take longer to see results, because the absorption rate is not the same.

– Tanning (Sunbathing/Tanning Beds/Sunless Tanning Products) can make skin extremely dry, thus making it harder for the ingredients in the applicator to penetrate through the pores. Using Defining Gel for a week or two prior to using the Ultimate Applicators can help.

– Smoking can cause toxin buildups. Using Regular to rid the body of toxins in the colon may help you to see better results with Ultimate Applicator.

– Sweating can interfere with the ingredients being absorbed from the Ultimate Applicator through the pores. People should not exercise or participate in any activity that causes perspiration while using the Ultimate Applicator.

– Poor bowel elimination can cause excess buildup of toxinsRegular can help detox the colon.

– Excess Toxin Exposure (i.e. Salons/Dry Cleaners/Industrial Plants/Pest Control/etc.) can cause a buildup of toxins. Using  Regular and the Ultimate Applicator consistently may help to eliminate these toxins.

– Avoid carbonated beverages (both regular and diet) and Alcohol when using theUltimate Applicator. Both are high in toxins due to the sugar content and artificial ingredients.


When you use the Ultimate Applicator, you are giving your skin much needed nutrition.  I encourage you to continue to use the wrap, because for some people it may take longer to see results. There’s a reason why there’s 4 to a box. You will have to be diligent about it. Remember, the Ultimate Applicator continues to work up to 72 hours following application. For optimum results, try to wrap 72 hours apart as often as possible. You may want to try utilizing the Defining Gel two times a day. Also, take note to see that your body contours may be changing, and you may not notice those results on yourself, like other people will.